this is really an exciting time for cats. people are googling them like never before and lots of cats are actually becoming celebrities, like red – whose owner left him one million euros – and, of course, one of our favorites, grumpy cat (who has almost 8 million followers on facebook). there’s also choupette, the chanel cat with two maids, but we don’t take her too seriously – an unnecessary marketing scheme we believe.

anyway, now that half of the human’s population has become infected with toxoplasmosis – including the three of us, we’re sure – and there are such things as cat psychiatrists who charge 400$ per session, we’ve decided to make a reality. basically, we travel the world with our adorable and somewhat fat cat named chloe (who will eventually become famous on her own right) and work remotely.

we are a team of two humans and one cat. we all have similar tastes, from ham and tuna to staying long hours in the same position (two of us staring at computer screens, one of us sleeping) and sporadically doing some exercise, like yoga. between the three of us, there’s one that excels at jumping at doorknobs to open doors, another that can’t stop whining when hungry and the third one can catch flying bugs with one hand (and only one is actually a cat). unfortunately none of us has any superpowers – like adorable therapy cat oscar – but we have some skills, that include video-making, web-design and content writing.

so thanks for visiting! we are delighted to share our brand new and hopefully exciting agency with you. you are invited to explore our website, there are lots to do here: learn about our video, web-design and content services, get to know usbuy a t-shirttalk to us and don’t forget to follow us on facebook for daily updates.


classic chloe