every brand has a meow to show.

create - distribute - engage

be as viral as a cat

hd video - 4k ultra hd - 2d animation

we do the writing, the filming and the post-production. we cast the actors, shoot in hd or 4k, add sound, music and motion graphics. in the end we just deliver powerful promotional videos.

2d animation & motion graphics

spread your message through smart & appealing motion graphics, special effects, motion capture, kinetic typography, 2d flat design, character animation and stop motion.

explainer & screencast

inform people about your business, product or service creatively & effectively with a explainer or a screencast video. we use animated features, engaging voiceovers and contagious music.


keeping your clients in the know is key. maximize the potential of costumer information with a product video & turn your company into an enviable customer-centric business.


thinking about creating a ppl, indiegogo or kickstarter campaign? the video is the first thing people will click on before deciding to support your project. let’s help them do just that.

studio / staged / live music videos

keep the standards high for your music video while choosing between recording it in a studio, staging it creatively like a short film or keeping it simple with a live energetic performance.


talk to us about the video you need

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our job is to translate your message into a creative script and stunning visuals, which will travel through your audience’s brain and, hopefully, stay there as a fond memory. we’d like keep you in the know during the complete process of video production, consisting of:

  • pre-production – storyboard, script, creative treatment;
  • production – filming, lighting, acting, audio capture;
  • post-production – editing, animation, color grade, voice over, music.