multiple restaurant delivery system

deliverychamps is a multiple restaurant system for food ordering and restaurant membership in london. users can order food online from the likes of mcdonald’s and kfc, which traditionally do not offer this service. this website includes customized features (such as auto-address, facebook login and distance filter) and an easy to use backoffice.

there are not a lot of things we appreciate as much as food. specially food that comes to us, and not the opposite. this website made sense for us since the beginning, and we are hoping this splendid idea gets everywhere. best of luck, delivery champs.

frontend features
  • auto address using google api and geolocation
  • facebook sign up and login
  • filter restaurants from delivery distance
  • order during opening hours or pre-order
backend features
  • manage orders through the backoffice
  • allow restaurant submission. merchants can manage food items with different add-ons, categories, sizes and cuisines.
  • manage orders through the backoffice
  • manage tax, delivery charges, receipts and automatic email and sms notifications
  • view sales reports and charts that can be exported and analyzed for even better results
latoya iza – reino unido

“i do not think there are enough words to describe how much of a pleasure it has been working with great customer service and always willing to go the extra mile. i was able to trust them with every aspect of this project, exceeding my expectations. i have found a web-designer for life. I cannot thank you enough, true professionals.”